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  1. Your doctor may recommend taking Viagra (sildenafil citrate) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also commonly referred to as male impotence. This drug is supposed to be taken only if you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and need to treat this condition because of the inability to carry on with your normal sex life. Viagra works for you by dilating the blood vessels in your penis therefore making it possible for you to get and maintain an erection sufficient to have sex and complete sexual intercourse. Viagra is supplied in three dosages that can be combined together to get a new one. For example, if 50 mg is too little and 100 mg is too much, you may be prescribed 50 + 25 mg of Viagra. Make sure you follow all the directions provided by your health care provider or those on the label of Viagra you purchased online. By shopping for Viagra online, you get a chance to take advantage of some really good deals offered. The Viagra offered at online pharmacies is just as good as brand name Viagra from your local pharmacy, so there is no reason for you to worry about that at all. Make sure you talk to a qualified professional if you get any reactions that seem suspicious and you think they are caused by Viagra.

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